Life Ranch:
Reimagining Foster Care

From Placement to Place

Imagine going from a system of so many broken placements to a story of belonging to a place.

From Facilities to Communities

Imagine a world where foster kids are anchored to families rooted in the Vine and standing on the foundation rather than transient placement to placement, facility to facility.

From Indifference to Impact

Imagine a place and community of like-minded common-hearted people pulling in a common direction. Life Ranch is striving for high impact for the least of these in our foster care system.

Do You Struggle With:

Does this problem seem too complex? Are you stuck not seeing any hope on the horizon or any direction toward impact? Let’s enter a story to discover what is going on so we will know what to do.

Let’s go from indifference to impact!

Fostering: The Kids

The need is evident, widespread, and complex. Many times, this makes us not see, not engage, or become indifferent. Nelson Nash says, “If you know what is going on, you will know what to do.” This is not a problem in the 3rd world or developing countries; this is taking place in our neighborhoods and backyards. We see your heart for Kingdom impact on foster kids. We know how deeply you desire your earthly treasures to be used to bring redemption to the broken and marginalized kids.

Fostering: The Community

Numerous foster families we have spoken with are burned out, discouraged and isolated. But yet they keep doing it because the need is so great, and they feel called to fill the gap.

Fostering: The Church

Overcoming generational curses within the foster care system by reimagining the foster care world cannot be done without the local and global church. The Church has to be driving force, the Church is God's plan A and there is no other. Let it be so.

Measuring Impact

Life Ranch measures impact in three ways: Qualified Learning, transactional touch points and transformational reach and fostering for transformational reach.